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Covid-19 Virus

As an MOTM member, you have special, free access to the powerful new early detection system called Symptom Collector.

What it Does
At present there is ample information available on how many Covid-19 cases have been confirmed and where they are located. But cities are still grappling with a dangerous blind spot: those with symptoms who are staying home as ordered, and who could soon progress into confirmed cases.

This tool allows anyone, anywhere to report their symptoms from the safety of their homes while also registering their location coordinates. Cities, counties, states and public health authorities have special access to observe the location and prevalence of symptoms in real-time, and prepare the appropriate response. Test kits can be transferred to growing hotspots. Mobile testing labs can be deployed to areas where the need is greatest. And hospitals can get a critical, early warning about where and when new cases may be developing.

Getting Started
To get access to this new platform, simply register below. Once we receive your registration, we’ll schedule a call to discuss how to use the map. We’ll also review additional available options, which include receiving a real-time feed of the data from your jurisdiction, assistance with integrating a custom version of the tool into your public websites and social media account, and marketing tools to help promote usage of the tool to your citizens.

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By monitoring symptoms we can better understand where to focus our efforts and create an appropriate response.