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Covid-19 Virus

Thank you for visiting the Symptom Collector. We need your help to give first responders, hospitals, cities, counties, states and health officials an early warning about symptoms you may be experiencing.

With this information, officials can ensure that testing and services are available where the need is greatest. Anyone, anywhere can report their symptoms using a mobile device or computer, all while staying safely at home.

We’ll start by asking for your permission to use the information you give us. Next the system will request your permission to automatically capture your location. Finally we will ask a series of questions about your current symptoms, and give you the option to record yourself coughing if you have a cough.

Thank you for your willingness to help local experts and officials defeat this dangerous virus.

Please Help. Tell us what symptoms you're experiencing so resources can be prioritized where the need is greatest.


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Please record yourself coughing

If you are currently experiencing a cough, please click the START button to give us an audio sample of your cough.

The recorder will turn off and your data will be uploaded after 60 seconds or when you click STOP.

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Thank you for submitting your symptoms. You are helping doctors, public health officials and your city to better address Covid-19.

Please click here to read about how your information is being used and our privacy policy.

How We Use Your InformationClose

Your data is used only to assist local, state and federal government officials and public health professionals to see where new cases of Covid-19 may be starting, so that they can prioritize their testing and medical resources to those places. Your data will never be sold, rented or exchanged with third parties. We do share your symptoms and general location with governments and health officials, but we do not share your contact information or other pieces of information that can identify you individually. We collect your phone or email address only so that you can return and update your symptoms if you wish, but those pieces of information are encrypted and not shared with or made available to anyone. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

By monitoring symptoms, officials can better understand where to focus their efforts and create an appropriate response.